Jigsaw Advisors Interim Management Services

Our Interim Turnaround Management Services are dedicated to Corporate Renewal and Correction. We operate with a great sense of urgency with the goal of implementing structural savings and improvements to save the company and return it to solvency. Jigsaw’s basic approach includes:

    1. Initial analysis to roughly quantify and point out the direction
    2. Initial presentation to stakeholders including creditors
    3. Short- and long-term rolling cash-flow forecast
    4. Management and organizational review
    5. Analysis and correction of cost structures
    6. Analysis and correction of balance sheet challenges including working capital
    7. Strategic plan including a conservative outlook for revenue
    8. Negotiations with all stakeholders
    9. Full implementation of strategic plan
    10. Handover of the company to stakeholders

    Why Jigsaw Advisors?

    Just let us meet you and take a quick peek. It cost nothing. We are experienced, successful and can quickly identify, quantify and propose directional solutions. We know our ways around the most difficult creditor situations and are used to deal with difficult situations in the corner offices of secured lenders and powerful vendors.

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