Jigsaw Advisors Turnaround & Restructuring Services

Financial and operational restructuring will be required for many companies struggling to remain viable and competitive. Jigsaw has a proven success record in the following areas and we are ready to help:

  • Financial, Crisis & Turnaround Management
  • Cash-Flow and Compliance Management
  • Operational Improvement
  • Debt Restructuring and Management of Creditors
  • Working Capital Recapitalizations
  • Bankruptcy Strategy & Advisory
          Chapter 11
          Asset Divestitures, 363 Sales

Why Jigsaw Advisors?

Just let us meet you and take a quick peek. It cost nothing. It is so easy for a team to overly analyze, but if the plan can’t be implemented, both the plan and the analysis is worthless. Jigsaw can help to quickly resolve urgent situations and implement rapid change.

The company may be hanging on the ropes and failure is not an option. We understand that and we work side-by-side with senior executives to balance competing priorities including closely managing liquidity, anticipating unforeseen risks and opportunities, and communicating with key constituents.

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