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I am passionate about building and “fixing” things in general and specifically companies in trouble. It all started back in Europe working for Procter & Gamble (1987-1995) and later continued when recruited by Moet Hennessy in 1997 (through 2001) to address their underperforming US winery operations. I have been on this path for 24 years and I love it.

The biggest challenge was to “fix” and build in 2002-2004 to what it is today – A vibrant force in the wine industry. It was virtually dormant after the famous Chapter 11 in May 2001 however, by combining the intellectual property from with in 2002, could open up their new doors in San Francisco and the success was initiated. It was hard work and lots of fun.

I hired Peter to be the CEO of through its turnaround and he did an excellent job. It was difficult, as we had to go through a recapitalization, immediately reduce the cash burn and restructure the company so it could be put back on a path to profitability“

Chris Kitze, Chairman and Owner,

Chris and I remain friends till this day, which fits with my ambitions to keep everyone I meet part of my active professional network. When personal interests are aligned we also road bike, golf and BBQ together.

Since the I have been lucky to participate in the restructuring and M&A processes of Cosentino Wineries (,, and Ascentia Wine Estates, which was my “brainchild”. My latest completed restructuring was Crushpad (, which was sold to Castlegate Capital, Tiburon CA, after a successful ABC process.

 I’m born and raised in Sweden with what would be “Mid West” values in the US. Only hard-earned success tastes sweet…